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This time has been reserved especially for you.  As a courtesy to clients who are waiting for an appointment, 24 hours notice is respectfully requested. Late cancellation may incur a fee of 50% of the service booked and “no show” will incur a fee of 100% of the service booked and must be paid before rescheduling.



It is preferred that owners drop off their cats and pick them up when the groom is finished. Most cats settle better when their owners are not present. It also allows the groomer and cat to concentrate 100% on each other without distraction.


You may be requested to stay or return to support your cat if emotionally fragile or in other exceptional circumstances.


If you are late arriving for an appointment, it is possible I will be unable to complete the services requested and we will have to reschedule the grooming appointment.  I schedule time in between each appointment to allow for cleaning and disinfecting the grooming area/equipment before the next client arrives. If you are going to be late (dropping off or picking up your cat), please call me to let me know and leave a message if I'm with a client and unable to answer the phone. 


If there is any chance your cat may have fleas/parasites, please ensure your cat is treated (with a veterinarian-recommended product) before their appointment.


If fleas are found during grooming, the groom will stop and you will need to pay for the services already done and reschedule after the cat has been treated.

Whisker Tales strives to operate a flea-free grooming studio to minimize the risk of fleas to other clients' cats as well as our own.



All cats must be brought in a carrier.  I must be able to secure your cat if the groom is complete before pick-up.


The carrier should be CLEAN enough to put your freshly groomed cat into.


Please remove everything from your cat's carrier and place a clean towel in the carrier. Remove any collars or clothing from your cat.


Credit card, debit (contactless available) or e-transfer. Cash is also accepted.  Payment is due the day of service.

*all prices subject to GST

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