Full Coat Groom
Long Hair


  • Nail trim

  • Sanitary trim

  • Eyes & Ears Cleaned

  • Bath & blow dry

  • Comb out

*The bath and blow-dry will help remove much of the dead undercoat that creates matting

* Mat removal additional - price dependent upon severity

Full Coat Groom
Short Hair


  • Nail trim

  • Eyes & ears cleaned

  • Bath & blow dry

  • Comb out


*The bath and blow-dry will help remove much of the dead undercoat


* Mat removal additional - price dependent     upon severity *

Comb Cut

Also known as a Teddy Bear Cut.  The coat can be trimmed to lengths from 1/8" to 1" long.  The lines are the same as a Lion Cut but leaving the tail full.  The mane can be blended with the rest of the body or kept full.  This cut includes all services in the Full Coat Groom

  • Nail trim

  • Eyes and ears cleaned

  • Bath & blow-dry

  • Sanitary trim

  • Comb out

* This cut can only take place on a cat with no matting.  The comb on the clipper needs to glide through the coat and mats will need to be removed by shaving them to avoid any pulling of the coat/skin *

Lion Cut

  • Shaved close to the skin leaving "boots", a full mane and full or pom-pom tail

  • Nail trim

  • Eyes and ears cleaned

  • Bath & blow-dry

  • Comb out 

* Mat removal additional - price dependent     upon severity *

Nail Caps
20.00 front or back 
35.00 front and back

Nail caps are safe and fun but, most importantly, they are a humane way to deal with scratching of furniture and humans. These are vinyl caps that are applied to the nail (after trimming the nails slightly) with non-toxic acrylic glue.  They should be removed and/or replaced between 4-6 weeks...most will fall off when the nail sheds.

Kitten's First Groom
         (up to
6 months of age)


Beginning the grooming process when your cat is young will help them to accept it and a regular routine will lower stress levels.  The earlier you introduce them to grooming, the more chance it will be a pawsitive experience. 

Includes: sanitary trim (for long hair) nail trim, ears and eyes cleansed, bath, blow-dry and comb out

Senior Grooming

starting @ 25.00

Some senior cats need only a little to keep them comfortable and happy. Some do well being bathed with warm soothing water over their joints.  Some will do well with just a nail trim, sanitary trim (especially important for seniors with arthritis who have trouble keeping their bottom tidy), eyes and ears cleansed and a comb out.  Some have mats that need to be removed to relieve pain and discomfort. 

Please call to discuss your senior cat's needs.  When you arrive for your appointment and we have had a chance to assess your kitty's condition and temperament we will tailor a package for them taking into consideration your requests and our recommendations. **Price will be dependent upon this discussion.


starting at 35.00

This service is available only for cats that have been groomed at Whisker Tales previously in order for their temperament to be assessed to determine if they are a good candidate. 

This is also only available as an add-on to
a Full Coat Groom, as the tail needs to be bathed.

*Colour is semi-permanent, ammonia-free and peroxide-free*  

Please inquire at next appointment request.

Add-ons to Full Coat Groom

  • Belly shave or trim (half) - 5.00

  • Belly shave or trim (full) - 10.00

  • Ruff (mane) trim - 5.00

  • De-shed treatment - 15.00

  • Nail caps (front or back only) - 20.00

  • Nail caps (front and back) - 35.00

  • Toe tuft trim - 5.00

  • Tail colouring - starting @ 35.00 ​​

    • see above

Stand Alone Services

Full Belly Shave

  • Nail trim (includes complimentary ear cleaning) - 15.00

  • Sanitary trim (mini - about 1/2-1" up underside of tail and around the 'nether' regions only) - 10.00

  • Sanitary trim (full - includes 1/2 inner thighs and up to belly button) - 15.00

  • Belly shave or trim (half) - 10.00

  • Belly shave or trim (full) - 15.00

  • Ruff trim/thinning - 5.00

  • Nail caps (front or back only) - 20.00

  • Nail caps (front and back) - 35.00

  • Toe tuft trim - 10.00