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Meet Your Groomer

Debra Lee Norton
Certified Feline Master Groomer

I am a professional, certified cat groomer specializing in taking care of the problems that plague many cats such as mats, pelts, tangles, hairballs, shedding, sharp claws, smelly greasy coats, dandruff and more.  My training was through the National Cat Groomers Institute in South Carolina, the first school in the world to teach, set and maintain quality standards in the art of feline grooming. I was awarded the title of Certified Feline Master Groomer, something I am very proud of because of what it stands for. 


I have so much love for all animals.  My first pet was a cocker spaniel. She was the first baby in our house. From then until now, there have always been animals in our home. They are members of our family. We have had dogs, birds, fish and cats…cats and more cats!

I have rescued cats here at home and in the Middle East where I lived for 12 years.

While overseas, I, along with three others, one of whom was a veterinarian, teamed up to form a rescue for feral cats. Our primary focus was a spay/neuter/release program; however, there were some cats that were easily socialized and we worked hard to rehome them. I took on five of those cats, Shisha being one of them (pictured).  I had her from the age of 2 months to 19 years. Three others became members of my sisters’ families and a friend of a friend lovingly cared for the other. My most recent cat was a lovely boy named Sambuca (Bucca).  He was almost completely deaf and very skittish but he knew he was safe and loved. Bucca was 18 when, sadly, I had to say goodbye to him. 


I have traveled extensively. I have been horse riding through Ireland and in Saudi Arabia, diving in the Seychelles, exploring Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Europe, the UK, Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and many places in the USA as well as both coasts of Canada.

I have volunteered at a wildlife rescue,  attended massage therapy school and recently retired from healthcare (human). My passion is my work as a CFMG, Certified Feline Master Groomer.

If you want the best for your cat, a Certified Feline Master Groomer is the place to start. As a CFMG, I am trained to take care of your cat’s grooming needs in a safe and gentle manner and without sedation.

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